happy birthday, julia:)


all my preparation paid off.  julia’s birthday celeb in school was a hit!  her classmates loved the lollicakes i brought.  remember the issue i had with the school rules about bringing food.  they reasoned that since students are just preps, simple finger food (read: cupcakes, sandwhiches, etc) are the ones they encourage parents to bring.  i decided to treat julia’s classmates with a little unique something called cake pops or lollicakes.

in case your wondering, cake pops are the latest craze in the cupcake world.  they are little cakes with a stick on it.  they come in diffrent shapes, sizes, colors and flavors.  like i mentioned in a previous post, i got my “cakes” from the lollicake factory.  i first saw this featured in a tv show a few months ago.  i did a little research about cake pops.  my search led me to the factory, which, i found later, is owned by the actor lj moreno-alapag.

lollies ready for assembly. "j" for julia and "6" for six years old:)
me and julia trying out her birthday candles
kobe and julia, my handy helpers making the cake
yey! for the cake...good job handy helpers:)

i ordered 40 pcs of cute, colorful, and tasty confection for the entire class to enjoy:).  on julia’s birthday itself (july 11th), i went to the lollicake factory to pick-up my goodies.  i was so excited to see how they looked and even more excited to fit them into the “cake” we made.  but lo! there was some misunderstanding of some sort.  i don’t know if its the weather, or the fact that i don’t want anything to ruin my day,or was i starstruck (lj was the one who attended to me!), i seem to be unfazed when i was informed about the minor glitch.  good thing they got ironed out.  hahahaha, guess what? as a bonus, lj herself brought the cakes to the house (yep! she drove all the way to marikina) and she gave me additional pops for good measure.  the thing is, i was too SHY to ask her for a picture. hubby even did not believe my story. lol.  but als! i have a witness… the village guard and yaya jo.  they both saw lj pullover and hand me the cakes:)  i remember even the guard say “ma’am yung bisita nyo…artista! si lj moreno po” (ma’am your visitor is a celebrity, it’s lj moreno!)

julia and her cake
take two!
cake pops for everyone!
say cheese:)

anyways,  julia had a blast distributing her cake to everyone.  we even made a special cake stand for it over the weekend.  im so proud of kobe and julia for their creative ideas.   two thumbs up for my handy helpers !

what a day it was.  this will definitely be my top memories.  fun, fun, fun!

happy birthday julia!


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  1. Lj says:

    Hi Abby! Thanks for blogging about you lollicake experience and for being so understanding!:-) Is it ok if I put some of your photos on my fb page for the lollicakes:-)

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