Finally….finally after months and months of concept and much thought, I at last arrived at my new beginning.  Yes, folks… I’m back!  Actually, I’ve been contemplating at writing again but inspirations took really its sweet time in finding me. Well, I’m glad it at last got me.

I owe you guys a heck of a lot.  Not that you’ve missed out big time.  It’s still pretty much the same.  You know, work and household….but the thing is, there have been changes.  The kids have have grown.  Hubs, to me has grown in girth a bit too.  As for me, I’m still the same.  My hiatus has not still brought the my desired weight. Hahahaha!

So let us begin (once again) the journey.  Have you noticed this site got a new face lift?  It’s all part of the plan, boys and girls.  Welcome to THE WEEKEND HOUSEWIFE. 


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As promised, Im writing about my latest work-out discovery, the Zumba.  I first heard this from friends abroad.  They say that doing the zumba aside from being so much fun, it also really works up a ton of sweat.

Sweat and fun…two magic words that sold me out.  Bingo!  Exactly what I need.  Immediately my fingers got busy. What is this new program that’s creating such a buzz in the fitness world?

Zumba is a Latin inspired fitness program created by choreographer Beto Perez during the 90’s.  It involves dance and aerobic elements.  Its routine includes hip hop, salsa, samba, merengue, mambo and some bollywood moves.  The music used is also an ecclectic mix of Latin rythms like regaeton, soca, flamenco, tango, cha-cha, and cumbia.  They say zumba help a person loose about 500-1000 calories.  Not bad, isn’t it?

Im sure Zumba classes are so happenning already in diffrent gyms.  But if you’re a busy working mom like me who haven’t got the time for gym, dvd’s are available.  I got mine from ebay (not sure if video shops has it).  The entire Zumba fitness collection has 10 videos included.  Routines varies from beginners, cardio party, zumba power, zumba abs, tighs etc.  Choose your level.

Had my first taste of Zumba 3 days ago.  Today is my 2nd day in “class”.  Yeah, I really did work up a sweat.   I tell you, its not that easy.  But it’s fun.  The music is really funky and upbeat.  I still have to pump up my footwork, though.

too early for world cup

A  for effort.  This is the grade I am giving the Philippine Azkals for their performance in last night’s qualifying game against Kuwait.  It was obvious from the start that our team is in for the greatest challenge yet in their football careers.  I mean look at what were they up against.  The Kuwait team has already been playing the fields probably over three years now.  These guys know the ropes.

I held my breathe several times during the games.  There were definitely several close-calls.  The Azkals fought a good fight.  But, their best wasn’t good enough.  I can feel my heart stop everytime the opponents ball nears the goal.  What a tremendous pressure for Neil Etheridge.  I really feel for this guy.  Suddenly I have a new found respect and admiration for goalkeepers.

Another brilliant player is Chiffy Caligdong. He was an obvious threat to the Kuwaiti team.  I think, given a much stronger support Chiffy’s  presence will strongly be felt.  Of course, striker Phil Younghusband  was a powerhouse as well.  He too, has several close calls.  His last ditch attempt to save the goal was something.  But, I think it worked for the other team’s advantage.  Too bad.  No wonder one can see the exasperated look in his face towards the final minutes.

What I think was glaring was when Kuwait made a second goal.  It seems the Azkals already lost the edge to play.  Quite understandable, time really was literally ticking away.  You can feel their hopes draining away.

But as mentioned, the Azkals fought a good fight.  Their efforts cannot be downplayed.  Sure we did not qualify for the World Cup.  But hey, I think just being to play against several countries is already an honor.  Let’s face it, the Philippines is relatively new to this sport.  We still have a long way to go.

Kobe with Azkal Chiffy Caligdong during RIFA games @ British School

Marist Football Team with Chiffy

My son  who is an avid football fan and player himself told me last night: “too bad we didn’t win, mama.  To think, the other team were down to only 9 players.  We were good, but Kuwait was better.  Maybe in the next four years some new Azkals will play the field”

Good job, team Azkals:).  Now that soccer is taking flight in our country, I’m sure the dream of the World Cup will soon be a reality.

whoa! i just tipped the scale at 134 lbs.  this, i think is my heaviest!  i gained 7lb’s in three months.  yep, i definitely saw it coming, all the inactivity and cravings have already manifested.  bigtime.

it’s time to work it!  i know i should’ve started sooner but knowing at the back of my mind that i’ve grown all the flab again made me fear the scales.  i would literally dread stepping on it.  many years of “struggling” made me realize that i am an emotional eater.   To know is one thing, to admit and do something about it is a diffrent ball game.  being forever but just like (almost) all relationships, my honeymoon with food & all its excesses must come to an end.

i have to take control again.  i have to get my shape in shape…gotta get moving!  i’ll have to admit, though this will be quite a challenge this time.  but commitment is key.  i just hope i won’t fall off the wagon that easy.  my target is to loose the lbs i gained plus some more.

i don’t really aspire to be skinny or anything.  i just want to be active and healthy.  i already did a few steps.  these past weeks, my blood pressure is steadily ‘very good’ says my doctor.  i also have gone back to the market and started buying healthy stuff.  last night, i got to pump it up with my latest discovery–latin dancercise.  this is another story, though.

let’s see where all these takes me.  i will try to keep tabs of my progress (if any) here.

the gift

happy friday, peeps!  after five very tiring work days, im so ready to kick this week to the curve and get on with my weekend.  there’s no big plans or anything, i think i’ll skip the social calendar this time and just chill out at home.  well, probably catch up on reading or perhaps organize my closet.

speaking of closet,  i am making room for my recent acquisition.  actually, this is (supposedly) my birthday gift to myself until hubby decided to pick up the tab.  i got this the day after i officially turned 39.

let me tell you about how my gift came to be.  it all happened when  hubby  forgot about my birthday!  impossible, you might think.. but it really happened.  no text, no fb message, no anything from him that day.

folks who know me would definitely say that this sort of neglect wont go down without a fight. the thing is, i actually let it go.  just like that. no fights, no angry words. all i said was “you forgot”.  i ate dinner and retired early that night.

blame it on the exhaustion (work has been hell), or maybe being almost 40 changes a lot of things inside.  i  didn’t mind.  i’m just glad that hub said that he’d make it up.

oh louis, my louis

speedy 25

in red epi leather, this time

and he did…with my new red arm candy.   i brought this home and thanked him for my gift (lol).  That’s why girls, before allowing all hell to break loose, stop awhile and remember: choose your battles (*wink*)




yep. as of yesterday, i am now 39 years old.  officially, just a year away from the big 4-o.  just as last year, the day went on with the usual chaos–work & household matters taking the daily lot.

not that it matters, on the contrary, in the past years, i kinda welcome the thought of being actually working.  somehow, the funfare of being reminded of one’s age has taken its toll on me.  being 39, i realize, comes with a certain confidence, acceptance and wisdom.

if you ask me, just out of the blue, what my birthday wish is…i would tell you that i’d wish for good health.  once when i was little (w/c was a million years ago!), i’d often tell myself i don’t wanna see myself grow old.  now, with the kids and hubby around, my goal is be able stick around longer to see the children grow.  to spend more time with them.  to be able to reach out a wrinkled hand and touch hubby’s.  i don’t mind the gray hairs.  age is just a number, anyways:)

this year, the universe taught me how to appreciate.  there is so much to be thankful for, so much to pray for.

happy  birthday to me (*wink*)

I’ve been hearing about the alleged rape case of some of the members of the Azkals team but haven’t gave it much thought.  Yesterday, I had the chance to watch the interview of the alleged “victim”, Amanda Coling in Showbiz Central.

I told myself that I will not judge, and that I will try to keep an open mind but I find it quite difficult.  I still have yet to understand where she’s coming from.  No offense, but Ms. Coling seem confused herself.  She says that she wants justice to be served but she also claimed that she also hopes for love, compassion, and forgiveness.

So which is it?  Things are as vague as ever.  I am sure this won’t be the last we hear of  Amanda Coling…


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