wordless wednesday (thurs edition): then & now

                                                    I'm late! this is supposed to be yesterday but, got tied up with work so, here... a thursday edition. Old photo of me & hubby (boyfriend/girlfriend stage) 10 years and two kids after 🙂 more of wordless wednesdays here

ww: cupcakes

                                                                                                                                              More of Wordless Wednesdays here

ww: playtime with dad:)

                                                                                         More of Wordless Wednesdays here                                                                                                                 monday and tuesday nights are special to the kids.  why? because it's dada's day-off! two nights in the week of chaotic fun for them.  a ritual of some sort.  before hitting the sack, the three of them would play, sing or just wrestle.  last night the … Continue reading ww: playtime with dad:)