Vanessa Howls for “New Moon”

Recent Twilight buzz is that Highschool Musical star is being considered for a role in its sequel, New Moon.                                           A source from Summit Entertainment revealed that Ms. Hudgens auditioned for the part of Leah Clearwater, the only female wolf in the hit series.  Although no official casting announcements has been made, if she indeed gets … Continue reading Vanessa Howls for “New Moon”

Breaking Dawn

I don't know about you, folks but I think one of the perks of lying sick in bed (aside from cuddling with Hubby) is having the time to READ.  Picking a book was quite a challenge.  I had a hard time choosing btween Paulo Coellho, Dan Brown, Nicholas Sparks, and a host of other prevailing … Continue reading Breaking Dawn

Twilight, the Movie

                                          Yehey.... It's official!  The Philippine release of the much anticipated vampire movie, TWILIGHT is on 20 Nov 2008 (U.S. and Canada is on Nov 21).  I so can't wait.  That's about 39 days from now.  Twilight, is the first book of Stephanie Meyer's vampire series.  When I read the novel in April, I was instantly … Continue reading Twilight, the Movie