movie night

i especially enjoyed last night because i had the tv and dvd all to myself.  it has been a rare occurence for me these days to have a chick flick marathon.  so, i welcomed and enjoyed the opportunity. i watched two movies last night.  both of them stars one of my rising female favorites--amanda seyfried.  … Continue reading movie night

Home Movies

I relish moments like this.  A quiet house.  HUbby and the kids far deep in dreamland.  Having too much of my caffine fix, sleep evades me.  Good.  Now, I have the excuse of inviting my old friend in to keep me company--my trusty dvd player.  I realize I have some really good movies on hand … Continue reading Home Movies

Vanessa Howls for “New Moon”

Recent Twilight buzz is that Highschool Musical star is being considered for a role in its sequel, New Moon.                                           A source from Summit Entertainment revealed that Ms. Hudgens auditioned for the part of Leah Clearwater, the only female wolf in the hit series.  Although no official casting announcements has been made, if she indeed gets … Continue reading Vanessa Howls for “New Moon”

When Love Begins, the Movie

                                                My office buddies, Shelly and Rochelle treated ourselves to a movie last Friday.  We decided to watch "When Love Begins".  The movie, which stars Aga Muhlach and Anne Curtis is a typical Pinoy romantic flick.  You know the usual stuff--commitment problems, family hassles, etc.  Nothing to rave about, really.  Well, except for the catchy … Continue reading When Love Begins, the Movie