I was so disappointed last night when I saw my son's Math seatwork.  Kobe came home with a big, fat ZERO marked in his workbook.  I didn't know how to react, much less hide my dismay.  When I asked him, he simply said that he didn't understand how to solve the equations.  This is so not … Continue reading Zero


You read it right folks!  I have been inflicted with this hateful virus, more comonly known as SORE EYES.  Boohooo.  I have been confined in the house for a couple of days now.  Im blind as a bat, can't even put my lenses on.  S--T! They say everything happens for a reason.  Well, I guess … Continue reading SORE EYES!


Forgive me, folks my last post was... a long time ago (lol).  It's been a bumpy ride for me this few days.  Im swamped with work and mommy duties.  Eversince my Boss' disclosure on her transfer came out, things have been hectic in the workfront.  Sorry, guys.  I owe you a number of entries.  Let … Continue reading HECTIC


Wonders never seize in the office.  i know i shouldn't be a stranger to these things.  Afterall, our company has been "shaken" too many times before.  Nothing prepared me, though for THIS.  I almost dropped off my seat when my Boss told said that she was leaving.  It took a few minutes for her words to sink in.   No, she is … Continue reading HUWAAT?!?