friday high

  friday was a fun day for me last week.  inspite of the loads of work i have, i'm glad i was able to take time off and spend a school day with my son.  yep. you read it right, folks.  a regular weekday outside the office. it was kobe's annual sportsfest in school.  i … Continue reading friday high

wrong move…

my son lost his cellphone in school last friday.  i know that for a nine year old, he's way to young to have one but eversince the typhoon hit us, we lost our landline.  hubby and i thought it wise to allow him to have our old one for us to communicate easier (considering he … Continue reading wrong move…


I was so disappointed last night when I saw my son's Math seatwork.  Kobe came home with a big, fat ZERO marked in his workbook.  I didn't know how to react, much less hide my dismay.  When I asked him, he simply said that he didn't understand how to solve the equations.  This is so not … Continue reading Zero

The Phone Calls

Two nights ago, I received two great news.  The first one was fom Frank, Kobe's soccer coach and the other was from Cecil, a fellow soccer mom.  Coach Frank called to ask if we would be interested in allowing our son to be part of the school's soccer team. From what I was told, Marist … Continue reading The Phone Calls