ho!ho!ho! howdy everyone.  its just days before christmas and im still not done with my list.  well, im half way through my family.  what is really tasking are the ones i have toget for our clients and stuff.  I have to come up with at leat 110 gifts.  i sure do need a hand! anyways, … Continue reading

mad world

it's just the middle of the week but  that the load of the entire workforce seem to land on my shoulders.  im so tired!   im on the brink of burning out.  these past two days came like a blur.  last thing i knew i am always rushing to something.... perhaps one of my biggest stresses … Continue reading mad world

i know now why i was so pissed off yesterday. remember i complained of not actually pinning down the cause of my anxiety and fume.  well, it was about changes.  yeah, as ordinary and random as it sounds.  hubby has something to do with it, actually.  when he told me a few nights ago that … Continue reading

i'm so mad.  don't know why or whom but im boiling mad....  not even reciting  my mantra works!  i need to vent this out.   it's like im searching and really restless inside. no, dont ask me..im completely clueless. to think i've been reading meditation books for few nights ago.  is this the storm before the … Continue reading

Image via Wikipediai can't get over the transgender kids episode on the tyra show last night.  apparently, the topic have already been aired a few months back, but last night was the only time i get to watch the entire episode.at first it was just curiosity, but then after like five minutes, i found myself … Continue reading


A good friend and colleague shared this with me.  I think this is very timely, especially now that we catholics are celebrating Lent.  Read on to find out how we can have "A Fruitful Lenten Season" Here is a diffrent approach to fasting.  Fastings have a tendency to be oriented toward giving up things like … Continue reading lent