manic monday

hay, yay yay... its monday. just the start of the workweek yet im already thinking of the weekend.  there isn't really anything particular or special abouit but, my system, much to my disbelief,  is so looking forward to busy saturdays (household, kids, etc) and laidback sundays. is it age or the clinging stench of the … Continue reading manic monday


today is my friend and coleague's last day of work.  after 13 years being a corporate slave, she finally called it quits.  good for her.  finally moving out of her comfort zone to a comfortable one. congratulations, girl! have been friends for like 5 years now.  one of the most memorable part of my working … Continue reading 😦

thanks :)

yesterday, i twitted about me going on a one-on-one career discussion with my new boss.  i sure dreaded the moment and it showed.  i had a splitting headache yesterday.  luckily, my boss was tied up in a meeting so our "bout" was re-scheduled (thank god!). things did not go as i expected.   our dialogue went … Continue reading thanks 🙂