movie night

i especially enjoyed last night because i had the tv and dvd all to myself.  it has been a rare occurence for me these days to have a chick flick marathon.  so, i welcomed and enjoyed the opportunity. i watched two movies last night.  both of them stars one of my rising female favorites--amanda seyfried.  … Continue reading movie night

prelude to carrie bradshaw

                                                         Carrie: Have you?                                                          Mr. Big: Have I what?                                                          Carrie: Ever been in love.                                                          Mr Big: Absofuckinglutely.                                                                                  Sex and the City  howdy girlfriends! it's a fine gloomy saturday today.  normally, i would start doing the laundry but right now im feeling lazy.  just want to curl up in bed with a … Continue reading prelude to carrie bradshaw