As promised, Im writing about my latest work-out discovery, the Zumba.  I first heard this from friends abroad.  They say that doing the zumba aside from being so much fun, it also really works up a ton of sweat. Sweat and fun...two magic words that sold me out.  Bingo!  Exactly what I need.  Immediately … Continue reading working-out


for days now, i have been in constant pain.  for almost a month now i have been complaining about back aches.  first it was on the upper part.  thinking that it as a manifestation of stress, i had regular massages every weekend.  but the pain didn't ease.  instead, it seem to have worsened.  the gnawing … Continue reading pain


                                                 the minute i tried the dove go energize beauty bar, i knew it to be an instant hit.  i absolutely love the way its lightly moisturizes my skin and the way the yummy-fruity-earthy scent lingers way after every bath.  plus, micro beads in it gently sloughs off dead cells, revealing a fresh, clean, glowing skin. so, goodbye … Continue reading soaptacular

confirmed case

confirmed!  marikina has one confirmed case of the dreaded A(H1N1) virus.  OMG.  two schools have already re-called their classes.  im still waiting for my son's school to follow suit.  i hope they do it ASAP.  im really worried... according to doctors, although everyone can readily be inflicted with the flu, more suseptible ones are those … Continue reading confirmed case