39. yep. as of yesterday, i am now 39 years old.  officially, just a year away from the big 4-o.  just as last year, the day went on with the usual chaos--work & household matters taking the daily lot. not that it matters, on the contrary, in the past years, i kinda welcome the thought … Continue reading thirty-nine

mad world

it's just the middle of the week but  that the load of the entire workforce seem to land on my shoulders.  im so tired!   im on the brink of burning out.  these past two days came like a blur.  last thing i knew i am always rushing to something.... perhaps one of my biggest stresses … Continue reading mad world


for days now, i have been in constant pain.  for almost a month now i have been complaining about back aches.  first it was on the upper part.  thinking that it as a manifestation of stress, i had regular massages every weekend.  but the pain didn't ease.  instead, it seem to have worsened.  the gnawing … Continue reading pain