A Different View


Write. Stop. Hibernate. Repeat.  This has been a vicious cycle for this blog.  For some reason I cannot bring myself over the hill and get on smooth sailing.  I have all it inside my head but putting words to motion is elusive.

In retrospect, I think along with my blogging, my life seem to be out of focus as well.  Somehow I find myself all over the place, constantly moving/chasing (god knows what!), setting goals, trying hard…. Not that I’m complaining.  Things are great. Steady even.  Yet I seem to be missing the mark.  I ask myself: what is holding me back? Why can’t I sustain the momentum?

The past couple of months have been tough. Major changes in the home-front, and the side effects of my surgery left me tired, confused, and depressed; taking its toll on my emotions and body.  Messing it up–big time.  I found myself struggling while maintaining some degree of normalcy.  I paid quite a price for this.  I  missed opportunities (which to this day, I still kick myself for!) because I have been paralyzed with fear and anxiety.  Somewhere between work, motherhood, and home life, I lost my enthusiasm.  I just froze.

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change

I’m getting a grip now actually.  I recently discovered works of a brilliant author/philosopher Dr. Wayne Dyer.  I am slowing getting back in track by taking on a new perspective.  This blog, as where I am at now, is still a work in progress.

So here I am again (for the nth time!) going back to where it all started.











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