Pan de Biscotcho

One of our weekend breakfast staple is pandesal.  Kobe, my eldest is a bread monster.  I mean really, his face would always light up whenever there is fresh, hot bread on the table.  The thing is, sometimes I get carried away and end up having left overs.  So what do I do with left over pandesal or any loaf bread? Simple I make “pan de biscotcho”.  Biscotcho is a local biscotti-like bread.  Only, my recipe is chewier and sweeter than the usual Italian favorite.


I came up with this recipe when I tasted biscotcho sold at the office.  It was really good but P75 per pop was steep.  So one day with leftover pandesal hanging around and organic honey in the pantry, I decided to test it out. VOILA! Perfect pan de biscotcho

Sorry folks, I don’t have exact measurements.  I do mostly by feel and taste. But this is really easy.


Pan de Biscotcho

5-6 pcs pan de sal or any bread, sliced in halves
 (stale bread works best)
butter, 1/4 c, softened
honey 2~3 tbs or depending on how sweet you prefer
vanilla 1 tsp
pinch of salt

preheat oven at 350°
mix together softened butter, honey, vanilla, and salt
spread on pandesal halves
arrange bread on baking tray
bake for 30 minutes
cool on racks before serving

best enjoyed with coffee



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