getting my shape in shape (again!)

whoa! i just tipped the scale at 134 lbs.  this, i think is my heaviest!  i gained 7lb’s in three months.  yep, i definitely saw it coming, all the inactivity and cravings have already manifested.  bigtime.

it’s time to work it!  i know i should’ve started sooner but knowing at the back of my mind that i’ve grown all the flab again made me fear the scales.  i would literally dread stepping on it.  many years of “struggling” made me realize that i am an emotional eater.   To know is one thing, to admit and do something about it is a diffrent ball game.  being forever but just like (almost) all relationships, my honeymoon with food & all its excesses must come to an end.

i have to take control again.  i have to get my shape in shape…gotta get moving!  i’ll have to admit, though this will be quite a challenge this time.  but commitment is key.  i just hope i won’t fall off the wagon that easy.  my target is to loose the lbs i gained plus some more.

i don’t really aspire to be skinny or anything.  i just want to be active and healthy.  i already did a few steps.  these past weeks, my blood pressure is steadily ‘very good’ says my doctor.  i also have gone back to the market and started buying healthy stuff.  last night, i got to pump it up with my latest discovery–latin dancercise.  this is another story, though.

let’s see where all these takes me.  i will try to keep tabs of my progress (if any) here.


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