the gift


happy friday, peeps!  after five very tiring work days, im so ready to kick this week to the curve and get on with my weekend.  there’s no big plans or anything, i think i’ll skip the social calendar this time and just chill out at home.  well, probably catch up on reading or perhaps organize my closet.

speaking of closet,  i am making room for my recent acquisition.  actually, this is (supposedly) my birthday gift to myself until hubby decided to pick up the tab.  i got this the day after i officially turned 39.

let me tell you about how my gift came to be.  it all happened when  hubby  forgot about my birthday!  impossible, you might think.. but it really happened.  no text, no fb message, no anything from him that day.

folks who know me would definitely say that this sort of neglect wont go down without a fight. the thing is, i actually let it go.  just like that. no fights, no angry words. all i said was “you forgot”.  i ate dinner and retired early that night.

blame it on the exhaustion (work has been hell), or maybe being almost 40 changes a lot of things inside.  i  didn’t mind.  i’m just glad that hub said that he’d make it up.

oh louis, my louis

speedy 25
in red epi leather, this time

and he did…with my new red arm candy.   i brought this home and thanked him for my gift (lol).  That’s why girls, before allowing all hell to break loose, stop awhile and remember: choose your battles (*wink*)


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