and it ended well

we finally saw it!  yesterday, we had a very memorable date with the famous kids (and villain!) of hogwarts.  the kids and i can hardly contain our excitement as we waited in line for the movie to start.

as expected, we were not disappointed.  the deathly hallows (part 2) is a huge hit!  the film was everything and then some. a perfect mix of action, drama, comic, adventure, and of course magic.  after 8 films in ten years,the most successful movie franchise came to a satisfying conclusion.  i have to say the lead casts delivered quite a gripping performance.  hats off to neville longbottom!  im sure this film will go down as one of the best screen adaptations in history.

but, as once again proven, the book is still better than the film.  there are several scenes from the book than never made it in the big screen.   what the heck!  i still love the movie

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