beating the deadline


I am desperately trying to beat a deadline today.  Our group is to to submit several reports for the upcoming board but until now, my materials are far from complete.   The pressure is building up and I think I’m having a meltdown!

In my line of work, scenarios like these is typical, but somehow, I never get used to the stress and the rush. It’s always like the first time. …

Then why (you might ask), in the world am I blogging if I am in  a deep  s**t of a workload?!  Hmmm good question.  That is because folks, I am already in panic! My brain is  running a hundred miles and I need to do something (other than work) to help me think, re-organize.

If happy thoughts is to Peter Pan, then writing is definitely be my fairy dust.  Bear with my aimless doodle.  Oh, no I can feel my boss’ dagger looks on me already.  The clock is ticking.. gotta get back to work.

ciao, people.  TGIF


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