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I am in a bit of a panic here.  Julia’s birthday is fast approaching and I still got nothing up my sleeve.  This year, we decided to celebrate her 6th birthday in school.  It’s Julia’s first time in school so we have to make it special.  I already spoke to her teacher and she told us that she will allot 20 mins (break time) for us.

Great, right?   Nope.  Not so, actually.  It turned out that the school has some restrictions.  We weren’t allowed to serve spaghetti and chicken.  Anything heavy and messy we were told.  But Im sure you know how kids love spaghetti and fried chicken… last I checked these food are a staple in any (Filipino) kiddie party.  Hello? these are 5 y/o kids!

I suggested hotdogs, then do a some kind of an outdoor theme.  Guess? hotdogs are a big NO, NO.  They are considered junk food, thus it was strongly discouraged too.  What’s more, July is Nutrition Month.  Again, I am reminded 😦

To recap, this is what I have to bear in mind:

  1. no heavy and messy food (that includes spaghetti and fried chicken)
  2. 20 minutes will be alloted during break time
  3. no junk or processed food should be served (bye, bye yummy grub!)
  4. July is Nutrition Month

There goes Plan A.  It’s time to move to Plan B or C, or D.  Hmm… what if I make “Julia’s Very Own Happy Meal“?  Funny shaped sandwiches, juice, and of course a little toy thrown in?  Question is, what sandwich filling would be appealing to kids?

Hubby suggested serving cupcakes.  This gotta be my next choice.  Seem really workable considering they are everywhere.  I also thought of lollicakes or cake pops.  You know the cute little, yummy cakes in a stick.  But hey, this is a sugar overload. Im not sure if I get a thumbs up for this:)

See, that’s the dilemma.  Finding the perfect balance between yummy, healthy, and budget friendly.  Aaargh! so much to do, so little time.  Good thing I still got the weekend to fix everything.

Keeping my fingers crossed…wish me luck everyone*wink*


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