Fall & Rise of a Writer


there is nothing half so pleasant than coming home again

–Margaret Elizabeth Sangster

Its over.  After almost year in silence, I finally mustered the courage and the will to write again.  And it feels liberating!  The dark veil has been lifted, the restlessness conquered, wandering seized, I’m where I should be…


I still find it hard to believe how I lasted all these months, lazily watching the world go by in utter indifference.  Guilty as charged.  This blog has had a very, very bad case of blogathy (blog + apathy, when a blogger ceases to care about posting on a blog).  NADA from me, not even a two cents worth of thought on the endless issues that beset the world:  devastating calamities, pressing social and political issues, entertainment news, death of an icon…heck, not even christmas!


It all started when my PayPal account got hacked.  Little did I know that the disinterest would creep in–bigtime.  I felt so invaded and exposed.  Just like that. Quit writing. Cold turkey.  I find nothing worthwhile to blog about.  I’m not saying that my life has stopped, I guess it just ceased to be interesting for these pages.  Frankly, I enjoyed not having the pressure of being an “open book”.

I seem to breezed thru life anonimously.  There is a point where I find total disgust in merely looking at my site.  I even contemplated on sending it to oblivilion.  To say that I’ve suffered from a writer’s block is an understatement.  It is more of a burn-out.  I needed the space….


I’m free. I’m back!  The desire did not leave afterall.  There is much to talk about, much to explore, much to think about…

It feels so good to be back HOME:)



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