pacman does it again!

Antonio Margarito Vs. Manny Pacquiao | Sáb.13....
Image by americanistadechiapas via Flickr

there is no more doubt in my mind that manny pacquiao is indeed the greatest fighter in the world.  his fight with the much heavier antonio margarito earned him his 8th boxing title.  like i’ve always say, i am not a boxing fan.  in fact, i never really watched all of pacman’s battles.  i just content myself with hearing about his victories (or defeat/s).  but yesterday was sort of an exception.

i found myself anxiously waiting for the big event on tv.  i got to see a few rounds of tyhe fight but after sometime, i got really tired of the seemingly endless advertisements so i gave it a rest.  i just kept my fingers crossed and ardently hoped that our “pambansang kamao”  would once again do our country proud.

just then hubby called from the office and gladly announced the winner–pacman, of course!  it was the longest and heart pounding ring dance.  though there were no knock-outs, the 12 grueling round match showed a bad mark on antonio margarito’s face.  but i commend him.  his perseverance and bravery was something.   much adulation should also be given to freddie roach.  need i say more?  this man really rocks.  he is as a visionary, the wind beneath manny’s wings.

as i patiently waited for the entire match to finish, i am already beeming with pride. manny pacman pacquiao has done it again…the boxing congressman has the world at his feet.

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