medical faux pas

Physical therapy - electro shock
Image by NickDawson via Flickr

i just got back from my 3rd therapy session today.  i guess its true what they say that once you pass the 2nd session, a great deal of change can be felt.  yep. i feel much better now.  my back feels so much lighter.  in my previous post, i wrote about being in great pain because of lumbar sprain.  i also mentioned that i needed physical therapy to manage the discomfort.

i was optimistic back then.  it never crossed my mind that my condition would take a serious turn.   i felt  such excruciating pain  days after my first session.  i took all my meds religiously.  and it actually relieved me.  well, only for a time.  what i did not expect was that the discomfort coming back, tenfold!  the culprit, boys and girls (much to my dismay and fault!) is my platform heels.

yes, i know…i’ve been prohibited to wear heels. but, but, i was feeling fine and walking normally already.  i thought a day in sexy footwear won’t hurt.  well, im sooo wrong.  the pain hit me tenfold.  now, i was back to the drawing board again.  double medications, longer pt’s and “no heels until further notice”.

i was really depressed for days.  Halloween came and went and i was in a rut!  my only consolation was that at least the kids had lotsa fun trick or treating (of course minus me!).   mind you, folks, my depression even gained me a few unwanted lbs.  i signed up for yoga but my doctor wouldn’t give me a go.  sad, sad me.

push forward to today.  3 sessions and lotsa medicines after, a veil seemed to be lifted.  my trips to the rehab center has finally worked its spell.  the electric shocks, warm compresses,  stretches   and a whole lot of prayers paid off.  albeit quite too early to say, my gait has greatly improved.  i am no longer limping.  my lower back no longer hurts.  but i still have to take caution.  still no heels and strenuous exercise for me.  a few more sessions, perhaps.

i am slowly going back to my old self.  hello world. hello fb. hello blog:)


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