eat, pray, love the movie

How Elizabeth Gilbert Ate, Prayed and Loved
Image by coolinsights via Flickr

speaking of being about town, last monday a long standing plan came to  reality.  i finally got to see the movie “eat, pray, love”.  karen (my college bud) and i met in sm marikina for an afternoon movie and bonding.

well, another movie adaptation gone wrong, i must say.  the book is definitely and absolutly better than the movie.  case in point:  not all the thoughts were captured by the film.  i mean, the book is a personal journal.  anybody who has not read the book will be at a lost.   there’s no thickening plot, suspense and stuff.  the sights were great and Julia Roberts did justice to her role, however.  i couldn’t think of any other actress for the part.

well, at least i had my curiousity satisfied.  had a great afternoon, nonetheless:)…thanks, karen for a fab time.

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