frozen margarita
Image by aliciagriffin via Flickr

i know i complained about being really tired more than a bit last week.  well, guess what? i finally got a chance to relax a bit over the weekend.  nope, it’s not the kind of thing that i did nothing.  on the contrary, it was quite the opposite.  i was about town last weekend.  ok, i was not physically rested, but i felt really wonderfully relaxed anyways:)

i washave therapy for my back last friday.  well, i dare say that my session was cut short (yey!) by a call from my sister.  it turned out, she too is experiencing some kind of meltdown and wanted to chill out somewhere.  and who am i to refuse?  i made a mental note:  this is exactly what i need.  more than just staying homebound.  i need a fix!  so i “finished” my pt session and headed off to meet ava in market! market!

see, i would not normally hop on a cab alone and go someplace im not familiar with.  but, hey… i threw caution to the wind and sped off (crossing my fingers that manong taxi would not make “taga” on the fare).  so i lingered in market market alone and made a few stops in the fruit section.  i loved it!  i literally forced myself to control the urge to buy stuff for the pantry.  a few minutes and a couple of shakes later, i finally met ava.

destination: serendra!  i immediately texted another sib, paz and asked her to join us.  im surprised that it took very little (a.k.a none) convincing.  after an hour, all three of us roamed the serendra shops and restos.  dinner and drinks was at agave bar that night.  we feasted on huge burritos, fajitas, and enchiladas.  amidst our constant chatter and catching up, a slew of bottomless frozen margarita kept coming.

life indeed is easy with margarita around.  i guess we covered just about everything.  paz was already tipsy that night so after two hours we decided to call it a night.  but my evening ddin’t quite end in agave.  ava and i still had a night cap which ended me spending the night at her place (of course, with hubby’s consent!).

hay… i was safely home by 8 am. no signs of hung over, body cracking a bit, still desperately needing therapy but with a HUGE smile on my face and completely refreshed:)

now how’s that for a wind-up?


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