mad world


it’s just the middle of the week but  that the load of the entire workforce seem to land on my shoulders.  im so tired!   im on the brink of burning out.  these past two days came like a blur.  last thing i knew i am always rushing to something….

perhaps one of my biggest stresses is my back. i still have yet to recover from lumbar strain, but i guess it has to wait.   my body keeps on telling me to slow down but, the slave in me insists to push a little bit more. aargh!  my pt sessions aren’t even scheduled yet.  i really don’t know why i punish myself.

im so looking forward to the long weekend.  but, somehow, at the back of my mind i know i am also secretly dreading it.  well, only because i fear that i may not be able to keep up with the kids and stuff.  you know…the type of weekend where everyone won’t stay put.  i guess i’d like sometime to myself.  to do things at my own pace.

this week has been toxic to me.  i’d really like to do a little detox from this mad world…


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