Massage in Frankfurt, Germany
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for days now, i have been in constant pain.  for almost a month now i have been complaining about back aches.  first it was on the upper part.  thinking that it as a manifestation of stress, i had regular massages every weekend.  but the pain didn’t ease.  instead, it seem to have worsened.  the gnawing pain already spread to my lower back.  this time, i forced myself on the threadmill.  i thought that i just needed some activity to get my bones moving.

the crucial point theat prompted me to seek medical attention was when could not snap back to standing position when i got something in the fridge.  i felt my spine freeze.  a few seconds was already agonizing for me.  plus, my gait was evidently affected.  the numbing sensation went down to my legs.

i had an x-ray the other day and after a consult with a physiatrist, my diagnosis was lumbar sprain.   lumbar sprain is an injury of the lower back muscles.   this occurs when the low back muscles are stretched or torn.  i was given pain relievers and muscle relaxant.  plus, i was also advised to undergo physical therapy to correct my spine.  it’s been four days since i was put under medication.  my back still hurts and my gait is still not normal.  but im a little btter now.  somehow, i can and have managed.

aside from the pain,  two more things really bothers me:  (1)  doctor preventing me to wear heels: and (2) no massages. i don’t know if i can bear not having them.  well, perhaps the heels, yes (in the meantime)….but massage? isn’t this a great stress buster?  he’s gotta be kidding!

anyways,  my predicament goes not without a realization.  i guess my body is telling me to take things slow.  come to think of it, im not really that young (aka 38!).  i will also have to take excercise a little bit more seriously this time.  yes, i do watch what i eat but im really not that mobile. so i guess a bit more sweat would do me fine.

oh well wish me luck, folks:)

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