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Lesions caused by the Hand, Foot and Mouth Vir...
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it all started with a twit.  suddendly the country is widely interested in hand foot and mouth disease (hfmd).  yep.  its all over in the news this morning:

kris aquino and her kids have contacted hand foot and mouth disease.  according to reports, ms aquino has twitted that she and youngest son, bimby got the strain from her eldest, josh.

in all honesty, i thought that fmd exists only among animals.  if my memory serves me right, there was an outbreak like this in the u.k.  after a few clicks, i learned that hfmd and fmd, though both are viruses, differs from one another.  the former affects humans and the latter is found mostly in hoofed animals.

mayo clinic defines hfmd as a mild contagious viral infection characterized by sores on the mouth and rash on hands and feet, accompanied by fever.  it is also said that such ailment is comon in children.  there is no specific treatment, but the risk of having one can be prevented by good hygene, especially washing of hand before & after meals.

well there, my curiosity has been satiated.  thanks to kris, another medical info is brought to light.  she ain’t called the queen of all media for nothing:)


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