i will not harbor unhealthy thoughts anymore…

– eat, pray, love

to continue yesterday’s story, i already found a replacement for yaya.   im sure you think that was mighty fast of me.  well thanks (but no thanks!) to the agency.  that replacement cost me an arm and (almost) a leg. hahahaha!  i was still charged service/delivery fee (p200) and the maid’s “advance” to the agency of P1,600.  this is to to be deducted to her pay next month.  not to mention the money i paid my officaially-ex-yaya 400 bucks.  our parting took on a sour note when she began demanding for than what she actually worked for–22 days.  sigh…

ok enough of that stuff.  im still not sure of our new househelp but if there’s one bright side to it, she’s young (21y/o) and bears a cheery disposition.  im keeping my fingers crossed. though.  im just glad that yesterday is over.  perhaps i can actually let out a sigh of relief and relax.  happy thoughts….:)


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