and the search is on (again)

be careful for what you wish for

i guess this is my lesson for today.  you see, i was searching far and wide for something to write yesterday.  i desperately needed an inspiration for a blog entry.  but all was in vain until…

my househelp said she’ll be leaving on the 15th.  yep! the very one i (happily) mentioned in my previous posts.  my soon-to-be ex yaya has decided to quit her job after almost a month.  the reason? a lame, “napupuyat ako sa gabi kasi yung kapatid mo late na umuuwi” (i barely can sleep at night because your brother goes home very late). duh?!? wtf?!?

hello…my brother never bothers her.  save for last night when he watched tv.  heck it was one of those rare (i mean rare!) moments where someone other than yaya actually watched tv in the living room.  come to think of it, these past days she really keeps on whining like a child.  i never really gave it much thought because, well her being in her mid forties, complaints sort of come like a second nature.  in fact, by next month, i plan to give her a raise!

i was told by friends that this happens in agency househelps.  well, i called the agency this morning and i found out that the other day yaya mila called to ask that she already be replaced.  the nerve!  when i asked her, she said that the agency informed her that i was the one who called for a replacement.  lying old hag!

well, this is my very unforgettable agency experience.  they said naman that they’ll replace her asap (of course with no additional charge) .  but this is already a major issue of trust.  as i write this, i feel my head throbbing in anger and frustration.  major migraine in progress…

there is nothing left to say except:  the search is on (again)!

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