i know now why i was so pissed off yesterday. remember i complained of not actually pinning down the cause of my anxiety and fume.  well, it was about changes.  yeah, as ordinary and random as it sounds.  hubby has something to do with it, actually.  when he told me a few nights ago that his work schedule is about to change,  i had restless nights.  panic slowly crept in.  you know…the kind that shakes up all the familiar things in my life.

our weekends are being robbed!  no more crazy saturdays and lazy sundays for us.  starting next week, hubby will be working the weekends  again. bummer! as if to rub salt on an open wound, i came to realize (again) that all our special days and holidays are affected. wtf?  just the thought of all these make my blood boil again.

so, there.  the reason for my despair and anxiety.


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