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i can’t get over the transgender kids episode on the tyra show last night.  apparently, the topic have already been aired a few months back, but last night was the only time i get to watch the entire episode.

at first it was just curiosity, but then after like five minutes, i found myself totally engrossed and a bit freaked out about the whole thing.  transgender kids.  frankly, i never heard about it.  i know about such things happenning to adults, but kids….omg!

Merriam-Webster defines transgender as a person who identifies with or expresses a gender identity that differs from the ones that corresponds to the person’s sex at birth.  quite a stark diffrence from being gay.    some experts on transgenderism claims that this “abnormality” is biological, rather than physhological.  i really don’t know.  i believe, there is much too explore and discuss about.

what bothers me (and probably other mothers too) is the alarming reports that kids as young as 5 are already transgenders.  sad, scary, but true.  i feel for mother experiencing this dilema.  it’s good that there are groups that supports the cause.  surely more than a mother’s love is needed to deal and understand everything.

i admit, i was a bit disturbed by what i saw, but i am none the less grateful that my eyes were opened to something important, timely and pressing.


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