The Penafrancia Cathedral in Naga City

about a week ago i had the rare opportunity of visiting my hometown, naga city.  i jumped on the chance for two major reasons: (1) the chance to travel alone; (2) the 300th year celebration of our patron saint, the virgin of penafrancia.

don’t get me wrong, i love traveling with hubby and the kids.  but for some reason, i opted to the weekend off along the countryside.  as a devotee of the virgin, i always make it a point to offer novena prayers every year.  this year, i knew i have to go the extra mile.  if only to thank her and participate in her 300th year celebration.  they say that if you have a fervent wish and you ask her, it will be granted.  as for me i do have something in my heart…

i left via bus.  i could’ve gone on a plane but opted to take the long route.  the 8 hour ride soothed my jittery nerves.  i was, indeed very excited of returning home after five long years.

anyways, my weekend in town was FULL!  i met up with friends, visited familiar places, dined at the latest hot spots.  the works.  my days and nights were exhausting but fulfilling at the same time.  i cannot forget time spent with college buddies, phem and rose.  i really enjoyed going all the way to magarao for a birthday feast and red wine. yum!  there was a small thug in my heart, though.  i missed my little ones when i saw lance and obi (rose’s boys).  but i knew i had to overcome  the misery.  i know,  we all need some time off.

one of the best part of my trip is being able to join the rosary procession in the cathedral grounds.  it was my first night in town and i planned on retiring early.  thanks to an impromptu dinner date with tin-tin and fr. rod, faith eased its way thru my weary body:). and yes, i made a wish.  several, even… let’s just hope that “ina” would grant what is best for me. (fingers crossed!)

my trip has somewhat been inspired by a certain book (story to follow).  i still haven’t finished reading but i know there are lessons to be learned.  one thing is for sure…it feels great to once in awhile step out from the predictability of daily life and do things spontaneously.  no schedule. no deadlines. no responsibilities to think of .  just you and the world.  even for a few days, time can be by your side.

of course i sort of made a mental note of what to do, see and even eat during my getaway.  while there are some loose ends, i was not disappointed.  i got what i came for.  even more than i hoped.   to me this is a celebration of faith, love, and friendhips.

so would i do it all over again? yes. in a heartbeat!

(for more photos of my trip click here)

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