christmas in september

Floral Print Paper Bags
Image by Premier Packaging via Flickr

as i promised to be (once again) active in my writing, here’s yet an over due post.  frankly, folks, i have quite some stories to tell.  but the writer’s block that bit me seem to take forever to leave my lot.  here is an attempt in getting my groove back…

shortly after i got back from my trip (traveled alone, so proud to say), i received a most pleasant surprise from hubby.  it was, according to him, my early Christmas present.  so in a gesture so typical of a funny guy that he always is, hubs handed me a plain looking brown paper bag.  inside is a box oddly wrapped in several sheets of grocery bags.

it must be a prank i said but he assured me that im going to “flip” when i see what’s inside.  actually, i kinda have a hint already but i quickly dismissed the thought because, well, such things are really meant for grand celebrations (like christmas).  anyways, i was really, really ecstatic to find a samsung star. yey! a new phone.   thanks, hon…i love it!

then i thought to myself: hmmm, he must’ve missed me very much!


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