enjoying “freedom”

i know, i know…trickled posts again. but i assure you folks that this matter will soon be put to rest.  for more than a week now, i have been enjoying my “freedom”.

lol. don’t get me wrong folks, what i mean is the freedom to pursue life outside the shackles of domesticity and the corporate jungle.  i have never felt so liberated in three years.  at long, long last (and i’ll say it out loud) i already have someone to watch julia.  yep. you read it right: yaya.

thank goodness.  now i have more time for myself.  i can already take things in a stride and once again enjoy being me.  in fact, i indeed celebrate with a bang.  the moment im assured that yaya can handle things (of course with hubs supervision), i decided to go on a trip.  right again.  i was out for the weekend.  just me, my own terms, in my own pace.  don’t worry, im posting everything here. well, as soon as i find my camera cable (lol). 

so, welcome back to me:)


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