movie night

Image by Chloester via Flickr

i especially enjoyed last night because i had the tv and dvd all to myself.  it has been a rare occurence for me these days to have a chick flick marathon.  so, i welcomed and enjoyed the opportunity.

i watched two movies last night.  both of them stars one of my rising female favorites–amanda seyfried.  eversince i saw her in “mama mia“, i developed an instant liking.  i  admire her talent. acting and singing wise, i think it’s quite remarkable.  she’s really versatile.

the first film i chose was the screen re-make of “chloe”.  now, this was unexpected.  what a contrast to the other sweet character films she made.  this film is erotic and mysterious at the same time.  both women (Sigfried and Moore were really effective in their roles).

no.2 film i chose was the light romantic comedy “letters to juliet”  now this is more of amanda’s style. laidback, innocent, and sweet.  it was kinda too perfect for me.  the type that would be something of a movie date.  what i really love about the film is the places.  i mean, varona, italy is the perfect place to fall head over heels in love.  very romantic and nostalgic.  and who would ever think that juliet has “secretaries” and that she is some sort of a love doctor. wow.  that’s diffrent.

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