it must have been…


just days after the highly anticipated first state of the nation address (sona) of president noynoy aquino, another aquino invaded the airwaves.

this is no other than presidential sibling and celebrity, kris aquino.  in a typical showbiz manner, kris once again captured millions of televiewers with her jaw dropping revelations.  the public confession of her state-of-the heart address.

for a brief time the nation was made to believe that she is about to quit showbiz.  but like a flash of light, we find her back again, this time only emerging bigger and even more fascinating.  what can i say?  kris has indeed mastered impeccable timing.  everything seem  calculated.  from the time of the elections to the time of break-up and exit, to the stunning comeback with a new show.  perfect!

in typical kris fashion, she single handedly held everyone to the edge of their seat.  im sure by now, that few lines she quoted from a popular song will be an overrated thing.  it will soon make a record as one of the most used break-up lines.

so what do i think of all these?  well, i guess im not surprised.  things like these are bound to happen. its not that im expecting it, but hey let’s face it.  kris aquino will always be kris aquino. she breathes high profile, no more no less.  and someone has to be really strong and secured in all aspects to keep up with her.  poor james yap.  he never knew what hit him.

well, there goes another story.  mind you, folks, this is not the end.  on the contrary, this is just the beginning…

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