blast from the past

when i first heard that one of my childhood favorite street food has made a comeback, i was skeptical.  i thought that there was no way!  i haven’t seen a wooden-huge ice crusher cart being peddled by a masular manong in decades. let alone the oh so familiar hot pink glob, that in my mind, is the origin of the slurpee.  the mother of all brain freezes.  for those who do not know (or perhaps have already forgotten), i am referring to the popular 70’s pinoy slush, the SCRAMBLE.

much of my fond grade school memories are filled with this sweet, creamy concoction.  back in my days, mom would strictly prohibit us from buying from vendors.   mom would always tell us about the millions of germs in it.  that the way it has been prepared and served is unhygienic.  still it didn’t stop me and my siblings from buying and chasing after the masculado manong in the street just to have a cold refreshing pink treat.

anyways, the humble scramble of my younger years has indeed made a comeback.  thanks to manila scramble, the pink slush is making quite an impact.  their branches (i think in malls) have gathered quite a following.  mostly my age… the crowd  who wants to relive the good old days:)

i ordered the large classic.  and the verdict? almost but not quite. actually, it’s scramble with a twist.  they added few variation to it.  one can choose between 3-4 toppings.  i saw nuts, mini mallows, cornflakes.  of all the toppings, i especially loved the skimmed milk.  yup. that sure did it.  just like old times. yum, yum.

the gloried scramble.  the price itself is something to wince about.  from the measly P1.00 for a plain cup and P1.25 (for the ones with additional milk), to P7 (small) P10 medium, and P17 (large).  of course, at the rate our money is going, these prices are considerably cheap.  but i still miss the old stuff.  the one made with gigantic manual ice crusher, complete with a balde attached to it.  it’s the taste of home, carefree days and dirt rolled in one.

bottom line is, im glad food like this found its way again and hope it’s here to stay.  the new generation deserves a taste of our humble past:)


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