for several years now, i’d like to call myself an apolitical person.  my fondest and relevant memories of me participating and exercising my sovereignty was during my college days.  a time when i looked at the world, not to mention the government thru  rose-colored glasses.

as life took its toll on me and harsh reality creeped in, i slowly lost hope the country’s political/ justice system.  for some reason, i have stopped believing.  the dream just died of ” natural causes”, i like to call it.

i surprised myself yesterday.  i watched president noynoy’s very first state of the nation address (sona).  i held on every word he uttered.  it was short, realistic, and heavily loaded.  the nation must have felt it too because everywhere i look people are watching.  a stark contrast to the previous “effigy-burning” addresses.

i desperately want to believe that the tide will turn.  that there is hope for our country.  that we will finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.


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