aging gracefully

i never thought there will come a time in my life that i didn’t want to be reminded of my age.  well, this year, is definitely the first.  a few days ago, i officially turned 38.  unlike all my previous birthdays,  this one quietly sneaked in on me.  no frills, no funfare, no expectations–and it actually felt good.

had i been a few years younger, im sure the triviality of it would’ve mattered.  i guess it comes with age…somehow one transcends to a higher, purer, simpler self.  well, at least this is how i feel.  lately, i realized small, simple things makes me happy. the laughter of the children, a touch from my husband, the cool wisp of air.  the smell of freshly baked bread.  the thought that we will be alright….

there’s a glow and a serenity within.  it took me all these 38 years to figure out what life is REALLY all about.  there’s no more pushing, nor tugging. i have finally come home to me.

if this is a sign of growing old gracefully, then bring on the years!


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