drawing the line

for several days now, i’ve noticed a change in my son’s behavior.  i think i am beginning to worry.  well, its not that serious really but im guessing if i dont do something about it, the crack is going to get bigger.

im referring to his study habits.  i noticed a lull in his enthusiasm.  i know its just beginning of the school year, but its getting into my nerves.  lately, during study time, he seem to be too tired to do things thoroughly.  i often catching him slipping important information about schoolwork and stuff.  im not happy either with his quizzes.  they not low, but im not used to 3-4 mistakes.

i dont know if im just being hard on him.  i do think he’s soccer is beginning to get in his study.  kobe is on his 3rd year now on the team. he enjoys playing extremely.  he trains thrice a week for three hours after class.  more often than not, he gets home at 6pm.

this is what is making him really tired.  he seems always tired after training.  my question is, where do i draw the line?  when is the right time to call the shots?  i still have to talk with other soccer moms ad find our if their sons are also experiencing the same.

thoughts, anyone?


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