dizzy spells

i have to see a doctor really soon.  for several days now, i’m having dizzy spells.  don’t know where it came from, but im pretty sure that it is beginning to get to my nerves.  i had a scare last sunday, when i almost hit the bathroom pavement while giving julia a bath.  my vision suddenly dimmed and i felt my kness weakening.

there goes my sunday afternoon.  i panicked when i started to see the walls of the room swirling, as if i am on a merry-go-round.  heck! i can’t even keep my eyes shut, nor can i move my head from side to side.  i called my sister and inquired about the symptoms of vertigo (she once suffered from it).

thank god, the dizzy spell went a way, but i still feel wobbly.  i really have to see a doctor.  i hope this is nothing serious, though

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