prelude to carrie bradshaw

                                                         Carrie: Have you?
                                                         Mr. Big: Have I what?
                                                         Carrie: Ever been in love.
                                                         Mr Big: Absofuckinglutely
                                                                                 Sex and the City

 howdy girlfriends! it’s a fine gloomy saturday today.  normally, i would start doing the laundry but right now im feeling lazy.  just want to curl up in bed with a book or something.


with a cup of steaming coffee in hand, i decided to do something really special.  i know that carrie and the girls are back in the big screen.  boy, i can’t wait to see it. been waiting several months for the sequel to the ubber chic and popular sex and the city movie.  the film is due to be shown on the 30th, i hope me and my girlfriends can watch it.


meanwhile, today i am re-hashing my date with the nyc girls.  my weekend is fully booked.  yes, you read it right, i have the complete sex and the city series (collectors giftset) to enjoy. yipee! what better way to kick of the big apple fever.  actually, i already started a few nights ago.  folks, i tell you, i loved it.  its a far cry from the episodes i enjoyed years ago in hbo. no cuts. no inhibitions. just pure satc, the way it should be.

really a great weekend thrill for girls like me who never seem to get enough of the indorrs and carrie bradshaw.  gosh, i think i fell in love with mr. big all over again! so that’s all for today.  soon i’ll be switching to a dvd- marathon mode. 

there’s a sign on the door that says “do not disturb”.  see yah boys and girls. ciao!


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