starting over


It’s been two months since my last post.  I know, I know… blogging (regularly) seem to be a major challenge to me these days.  I will not make any excuses for it.  Guilty as charged!

I’ve been a silent expectator for two months.  I’ve just “sit through” all major, national, and personal event I can think of.  I’ve been caught up the web of my super hectic life.  The addition of my worload has taken a heavy toll on my writing life.

No, I haven’t really forgotten  the wide web.  It’s just that Im always in a diffrent site.  Which, I hate to admit has become sort of my quick addiction.  Because so, my blog was pushed almost to oblivion. Bad, bad, bad me.

But can I really take the blame?  everything around me travels in high speed.  Everything requires quick action and quick taught.  Heck! even food prep should be quick and easy.

Does a woman’s  trail of thought derails the moment she is submerged in the speed of life?  Or we simply get lost in translation?  Im afraid to find out…

Meanwhile, here is an attempt to make up for lost time… to start anew with my estranged relationship with my blog.

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