signs of the times?

The world as still a great deal of recovering to do from the devastation caused in Haiti, and yet another catastrophe came with a bang.  This time, in Chile, where a 8.8 magnitude earthquake rocked the country. 

I have no inkling that something horrible would happen that fateful day of Feb 27.  It was a weekend and like most working moms, I was having a lazy day with the kids and hubby.  Then news started to flash… another earthquake!



I was terrified.  Hundreds of lives again are lost.  As of today, the death toll has reached around 700.  Though Chile is thousands of miles from the Phillipines, its aftermath is clearly evidenced by tsunami warnings in several coastal provinces here and all other places near the pacific ocean.  Sad, tragic and true.

This is only the first quarter of the year, folks.  I wonder what would the momths and days hold?  I hate to sound preachy but these things happen for a reason.  We might be missing something here…

photos courtesy of yahoo news

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