friday high



friday was a fun day for me last week.  inspite of the loads of work i have, i’m glad i was able to take time off and spend a school day with my son.  yep. you read it right, folks.  a regular weekday outside the office.

it was kobe’s annual sportsfest in school.  i guess i was even more excited than him that day.  really woke up early ( not minding that i was feverish the night before), prepared stuff, and even brought a mat along in case the sun was a little too much:)

the sun was absolutely scorching that day.  but i didn’t mind… i was too happy cheering and proud to watch kobe play.  soccer was his game.  and he really enjoyed–a whole lot!

towards the end of the event, we were both tired, sweaty, hungry but the smiles on our faces more than a fitting reward:)


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  1. judys424 says:

    I love going to school events. Its nice to share experiences with my son. Yes, kahit maiinit, we have to endure hehe..:) Nice shots, Abby!

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