cereals for dinner


“mom, can i have cereals for dinner?”

this is what julia told me this morning over breakfast.  naturally, i said no but offered that she could have them after (as a dessert).  for the longest time now, i’ve been in constant hit and miss with julia.  for some reason, she’s become picky.  i can’t let her eat “real” food nowadays. 

i really hope she overcomes this stage.  imagine, she’d always want eggs with anything!  aargh! so, here i am thinking of  what to serve for dinner.  any suggestions?  anything BUT cereals. lol


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  1. Mommy J says:

    How about pancakes? hehehe…breakfast din pala yun.

    My husband eats cereal at night actually [not for dinner though] and never in the morning or during the day. Weird noh?

    Kamusta na Mommy Abby? Good to see you around again. MIA din ako but I try to hop once every month….hahaha….sama ko no?

    Have a great February!

    Mommy J

  2. judys424 says:

    how old is julia? I remember when aori was 3 or 4, he’d request for egg breakfast till dinner.. then totally ayaw na nya. Tyagaan lang talaga. His food preference regularized eventually. Try chicken fillet, soup, omellete, burger (the giniling you just shape)

    Good luck!

  3. shelle says:

    hate to say it but it can continue…..of 4 of my girls 2 of the are terrible and they did get pickier over time. i have to make sure the house is full of good food (fruits & veggies) and that i make sure the food they DO eat is on the menu every week.

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