avatar the movie

after much prodding, i succeeded in convincing hubby in watching james cameroon’s “avatar“.  it took us sometime because we were kinda looking forward to another avatar film.

well, im glad we did watched the movie.  we were totally in awe.  james cameroon did not disappoint at all.  in fact, he exceeded our expectation.  he really did push the envelop when it comes to special effects.

absolutely love this film.  i think it’ll go down as one of the most memorable movies of all time:)


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  1. Hootin' Anni says:

    Yes! Yes!!! I so agree. One fantastic movie…the music, the art, the story….everything. [didn’t you just love when they walked along the forest bed and it glowed? Awesome!!]

    My critiquing I posted Thursday if you’d like to scroll down to read my thoughts.

  2. hotkeno says:

    I love the film as well–so incredible cgi product they’ve created there. sure looks like live action.

    Too bad, it’s not Oscar material. didn’t make it for best pic award.

    I still love it though–ALL THE WAY!

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