at last, an updated version of me


after weeks and weeks of “silence”, i find myself back in these pages again.  it feels like the first time for me.  with so much coming into mind, i am at a lost as to where to start.  actually, i never really cut myself off the blogging world.  i, perhaps, was in a temporary writing coma.  although my personal life had not made it to these pages, i was extremely busy coping with my BUSY life.  work, motherhood and marriage demanded more than my time… i almost had a meltdown!

case in point#1:  for the longest time i dont have a yaya.  although my kids are really low maintenance, there are still some chores and times that i am badly wanting to have one.  imagine having to wake up REALLY early to make breakfast, baon, and do tidying up.  then upon reaching home, straight to the kitchen to make dinner, homework (with kobe), and a host of other chores before hitting the sack. 

case in point#2:  hubby’s work schedule had a MAJOR shift.  which translates to having no one to do other house chores except ME.  having to spend weekends with hubby has its downside afterall.

case in point#3:  it’s a jungle in the office!  demands are unreasonable, turnovers happen in a blink of an eye.  long hours seem to be a regular thing.   quite an uphill climb, i tell you.

these maybe the lows of my life but i also had some pretty highs.  i chose to relish them in private.  my holidays were spent with family and great friends.  the very rare time i had for myself, i chose to spent in silence that is why  they were never written.

i was also never “out of touch”.  clearly, i was not visible in my blog, i am ever present in facebook.  somehow, i find it relaxing doing short updates (no thinking required) and playing games.  appologies for my short attention span.  being in the fast lane demands that i do things quick. no fuss, no lingering.

now that things are winding down a BIT, here iam… picking up the pieces of my blogging days.


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