Us, through the Years

Hubby and I recently marked our 10th year of married life.  Without much funfare we celebrated by a simple diner with the kids.  Looking back,  I realized how much we both have changed over the year– in every aspect, I mean.  I ravel in the fact that Hubby and I have mastered the fine art of communication and argument.

Time and life has taught us to be more patient, forgiving, and accepting of one another.  It’s true what they say about finishing each other’s sentences.  Sometimes just a look from across the room sends the perfect message.  I guess, finally, we are comfortable with as a couple, while we continue to strive as individuals.

I don’t claim to have lived this years in a life of bliss.  Far from it, i must say.  We have had our share of ups, downs, twists and turns.  Our journey has is as enjoyable and challenging as well.  I know for sure that our road ahead promises nothing.  What the heck! We are stronger, tighter and more in love than ever:)

If someone is to ask me, what works for us, here it is:

1.  God above everything else.  It’s true, the family that prays together, stays together.

2.  Having a comon goal and work on it.  Priority is key!

3.  Live light.  Make no room for envy, bitterness and regrets.

4.  Teach by example.  Kids ALWAYS looksup to their parents.  So, be a goo role model.

5.  Humor is good for couples.  Laugh together

6.  Say what you want, how you want it.  Never assume.

7.  Love (or at least like) his/her friends.

8.  Be a part of each other’s family.

9.  Everything is about ACCEPTANCE.

10.  Encourage each other’s individuality (even if sometimes you can’t take it:))



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  1. Peach says:

    Hi! Great Blog about your family and being mom. Please check out this video on Filipino kids’ independence. Thanks!

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