The Greatest Shows

My sisters and I are planning an American getaway next year.  We are looking forward to visit several major cities in the States, go shopping, and of course, check out the theatre scene.

When we found out that the Wildcats are set to invade the stage, immediately inquired about getting High School Musical tickets.  Luckily, a friend whose daughter also loves the show, gladly helped us.

Having our iteneraries laid out, we were also suprised that my college buddy would be joining us in our theater adventure.  He even suggested that we check out the Ringling Brothers Circus.  A rare and awesome performance is too good to pass, Faye got the Ringling Brothers Circus tickets for all.

Last stop was Chicago.  And, I don’t mean just hotdogs in the windy city!  We’re in for another theatre experience.  The Chicago Theatre houses a wide array of performances and special events we don’t want to miss.  In fact, I have quite a list already of shows to enjoy.  I hope we could score Chicago Theatre tickets  in time.

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